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One day educational visit

Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Contact No.
Start Date
02/04/2022 09:20 AM
End Date
02/04/2022 05:20 PM
one day educational visit at 1) Kotarpur Water Treatment Plant, Ahmedabad 2) Environmental Sanitation Institute, Gandhinagar 3) Sabarmati Canal Syphon across river Sabarmati, Gandhinagar. 4) Sant Sarovar (Barrage), Gandhinagar.
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Benefits from this academic visit:

·       The Environmental Sanitation Institute (ESI) is a non-governmental organization based on the Gandhian values of environmentalism that strives to provide a better quality of life to rural peoples and the urban poor of India by improving their sanitation situation. This building is also important by architectural point of view and it is made by green building concept. Mr. Devendra and his team from ESI brief us about the institute and its activities. Students were get knowledge of different subjects like sanitation system, building services & building planning and designing.

·       Kotarpur Water Works provides services which focus on customer centricity rather than profit making motive in such competitive market. The company deals in Water Treatment and Water Supply in Ahmedabad. Kotarpur Plant treats 650 MLD water and max. 750 MLD water accumulated form Narmada by gravity flow and from Sabarmati by pumping water. The water treatment plant at Kotarpur provides up to 80% of water demand of 1100 MLD consumption of Ahmadabad city and is largest water treatment plant in Asia till now. The main objective of the visit was to make students aware about the real dimensions and working of treatment units on site, techniques presently applied in water treatment & its practical performance.

·       The Sabarmati Canal Syphon is one of the largest Canal Syphon in the world. The total

length of the Canal Syphon is 614 m and is constructed to cross the Narmada Main Canal

across the Sabarmati river. Out of the total length of the Syphon, 335m is in the river bed,

72.75m on left bank and 93.84m on the right bank. The discharge capacity of the Canal

Syphon is about 881.6 cumecs discharging water through 9 reinforced concrete barrels of

6.25m x 6.25m opening size. There are radial gates provided in each barrel of size 6.25m x 8.3m to regulate the flow through the Canal Syphon. The Canal Syphon was constructed from 1994 to 2001. Ganpat University family extends sincere thanks Mr. Jay Patel (Site incharge at Canal Syphon site, Karai, Gandhinagar) for his support and valuable time in explaining technical aspects of the site to our students.

·       Sant Sarovar is a barrage constructed across Sabarmati River to trap the water and supply it to nearby villages of gandhinagar. We are very much thankful to Mr. S. A. Muniya Sir to spending his valuable time to explain the components of barrage and its operation.